Barcelona, January 28th 2020 


With the aim of improving the teaching quality of students in Alzheimer

Fundació ACE teaches a subject about dementia to Medicine students at UIC Barcelona


•    The experts of the entity will offer to the students of fifth of Medicine the subject ‘From cognitive normality to dementia

•    Fundació ACE and UIC Barcelona have a cooperation agreement, since 2018, to collaborate in Alzheimer's research and teaching



Fundació ACE, Alzheimer's diagnosis, treatment and research entity, teaches a subject specialized in dementias to students of the Degree in Medicine of Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona) with the aim of offering quality knowledge about cognitive pathologies to future Health sector professionals.

More specifically, the subject ‘From cognitive normality to dementia. Practical experience in clinical, research and translational medicine’ is aimed at students in the fifth year of the Degree in Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of UIC Barcelona. The subject has a teaching team formed by a dozen experts from the Foundation, led by Dr. Mercè Boada, neurologist and medical director of the entity, who has stressed "the importance of training new generations of health professionals in the knowledge of diseases that, according to the forecasts, in 2050 will have increased their affectation. ”

The subject consists of 10 sessions, the first of them yesterday, which will take place in the Foundation's Attention Units for a total of 60 hours of theoretical and practical training, and which will validate 2 ECTS credits. The subject is optional and will allow participants to do clinical practices in the Diagnostic and Day Care Unit of the entity, in addition to performing basic research practices in the laboratory and applied research in the Clinical Trials Area available to them the foundation.

Dr. Alba Benaque, general director of Fundació ACE, points out that this is a “very valuable opportunity for future health professionals to know the current status of one of the main global health problems and participate in our comprehensive care model, besides knowing the challenges that this disease poses to us".

Among other issues, students will receive training on the treatment, prevention and prognosis of cognitive pathologies and on the importance of working together from clinical assistance and research.

Fundació ACE and UIC Barcelona, a collaboration to join efforts for Alzheimer

The inclusion of this subject in the Degree in Medicine program is the result of the collaboration agreement signed between both entities in February 2018 to carry out joint actions in the field of training and research in Alzheimer's disease. The agreement, which has a validity of five years from its signature, has the purpose of coordinating teaching activities like this, but also the implementation of joint research projects.

One of the main objectives of this agreement is precisely to improve the teaching quality in the clinical and health training of the students of UIC Barcelona in terms of aging, Alzheimer's disease and other related dementias, in addition to optimizing human and material resources in Research on these pathologies.

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